Release 1.5: Improved API, Customizable Time Scales, and More

August 21, 2013

We are happy to announce the next release of DHTMLX JavaPlanner. The version 1.5 adds a number of useful features and client-side improvements. It is updated with customizable time scales and comes with improved JavaPlanner API. It also offers limited events display in the month view, integration with jQuery and Backbone, and more.

1. Customizable Time Scales

The updated version allows adding and hiding time units in the horizontal scale of the calendar. For example, you can display only the working hours excluding lunch breaks. You can remove weekends and display two working weeks at a time.



The new feature allows adding a marker at the place of hidden scale units, when required.


2. Limiting Events Display In Month View

We have added a possibility to limit the number of displayable events per cell. If the number of events exceeds the limit that you’ve set, the calendar displays a “View more” link below the events. The total number of events is put in the brackets.


3. Multi-Day View with Overnight Events

The updated multi-day view allows displaying overnight events in the today/tomorrow mode. In the regular mode, long events line in the upper part of the calendar. This updated is applicable for the day, week and units views.


4. Improved JavaPlanner API

Data loading process became more flexible. Now you can use a custom name for the mandatory data properties by using serialization attributes.

5. Fixed Recurrence Pattern

We’ve fixed the weekly recurrence pattern. Now when you create recurring events, they start from the date of actual occurrence, excluding the past days.

6. Integration with jQuery and Backbone.js

Those who’d prefer to initialize JavaPlanner via JavaScript API can now use JavaPlanner as a jQuery plugin or integrate it easily with the Backbone library.

Other updates

The default calendar skin has been changed to ‘terrace’.


Evaluate the updated web control by downloading JavaPlanner v.1.5



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