DHTMLX JavaPlanner is Now Free for GPL Projects

October 25, 2013

DHTMLX JavaPlanner is now distributed under GNU GPL v.3. You can get a free Standard Edition of DHTMLX JavaPlanner v.1.5 for any GPL-ed project.  






For commercial use, you can still get a Commercial or Enterprise license, which allow technical support.  Z8TMEAY5CSJ4


The Commercial license allows you to use JavaPlanner Standard Edition in only one project. It also includes one month of ticket support or 5 tickets within a year, and also an unlimited number of minor updates and one major update of the product.


The Enterprise license allows you to use JavaPlanner PRO Edition in an unlimited number of projects developed by one company.  It comes with 12 months of technical support and allows free version upgrades, both minor and major ones. Besides, with JavaPlanner PRO you can create multiple schedulers per page.


Get JavaPlanner v.1.5. free now

get free


Note: Please, take into account that no technical support is offered for the GPL-ed JavaPlanner. 

Comments (8)

  • maksim,

    when i download the Get JavaPlanner v.1.5. for free do i need to activate license in doc witch i got from javaplaner /Documents/javaplanner-v1.5/docs/how_to_use_the_license_key.html?


    1. Dmitry,

      Hi, sorry for the delay in answering.
      You don’t need to take care about license keys if you’re using JavaPlanner under GPL version.
      If you’re using a trial then you should buy a license key after the trial period ends.

  • Bob Smith,

    The zip fails to open as an archive.


    1. Dmitry,

      Sorry for the delay.
      Packages were updated.

  • Mike,

    The “Open Source Standard Edition” is not under GPLv3 as in GNU General Public Licence as you might think.

    1. administrator,

      The license and readme files have been updated accordingly. Thanks for your comment!

  • Pedro,

    Where can I download the GPLv3 Standard Edition source code?


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